St. Benedict C.S.S.

Student Council

The current student council members for the 2019-2020 school year are:

  • Adriana Cimino  (President)
  • Marissa Mariotti (Vice president)
  • Jamie McBride
  • Brooke Streich
  • Hannah de Vos
  • Patty Deschenes
  • Ethan Hodge
  • Aivan Apan
  • Brandon Woodliffe
  • Noah Forteski
  • Matthew Espinoza
  • John Tripodi
  • Jack Heaphy
  • Kaitlin Joyce
  • Kathryn Rondina
  • Kaitlyn McCandless
  • Alexa Cayen
  • Peyton Masse
  • Sofia Caceydo
  • Elizabeth Smyth
  • Brianna Deline
  • Sophie Reich
  • Loren Geick
  • Charlotte Baggio
  • Taylor Knopczyk
  • Claira Seagram
  • Tyandra Miller
  • Shayla Villeneuve
  • Paula Ceccarelli
  • Rosaria Nero
  • Julia Cimino
  • Kenia Villareal

Message from Student Council President

There is a lot planned for Student Council this year. The beginning of the year always starts with getting our grade 7 and 9 students transitioned into a new school year and new schedule. Grade 9 day is always a big hit. From there, we have lots of fundraisers and charitable work planned complete with pink cupcakes to support breast cancer and a collection to have a chair for cancer patients to use for treatment in the Northern Cancer Center.

This chair was donated by the students at St. Benedict and will be there for years to come. Then, we had spirit week in December followed by a fun semi formal in February with so much more to come as the snow melts and the sun gets hotter and brighter!

Adriana Cimino

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