St. Benedict C.S.S.

Faith Initiatives

Masses and Prayer Services

The school community gathers together many times throughout the year to pray together and celebrate Eucharist. Our local pastors take time out of their busy day to come to the school and celebrate Mass with all the staff and students. We have also welcomed the students and staff from Holy Cross to our school, and together as a campus, we invite the Lord to journey with us. This activity or praying together is vital to the faith life of our staff and students and follows the church’s liturgical year. We celebrate Advent, Lent, Easter and the rest of the Church year. We also come together to pray when there are painful moments in the lives of our students, staff or families. God is with us and God is very good!

Morning Prayer

Every school day begins with Prayer. Over the PA, the Chaplain leads the entire school community in prayer. These highlight important seasons, ask God to be present during tests or assignments, invite the Lord to heal painful situations or tragedies, or any other number of topics that will bring a sense that God is present in the lives of our students. We even have a special prayer for those writing Exams or during provincial testing days! God wants to be part of our lives and we give him every opportunity to do so.

Toy Drive

For the past number of years, St. Benedict has partnered with TD CanadaTrust and the Salvation Army to collect toys for families in our community who may be struggling at Christmas. Since beginning in 2014, we have collected over 10,000 toys.

Bear Necessities

During the month of May, St. Benedict Staff and Students are involved in collecting common hygiene items for families at the Maison McCulloch Hospice. We collect toothbrushes, mouthwash, soap, washcloths, hearing aid batteries, etc and donate them to the Hospice to be used by family members who are staying with loved ones during their end of life.

Breakfast of Champions

During the school year, situations arise that may require a very tangible gift that helps someone or a family in need. As a Catholic community, we know that the events in one life affect the entire community. This is an opportunity for our students and staff to donate money, however big or small, and the money is donated to those in need. It is a wonderful way to answer the Lord’s call to help those in need and proclaims the gospel of charity.

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