St. Benedict C.S.S.


St. Benedict has a variety of programs and clubs geared toward getting students interested in the arts!


Students can begin taking guitar instruction in grade 9 where they become versed in basic country, blues, classical, and rock guitar. As they continue into the senior grades, they continue with more advanced techniques in country, blues, classical, and rock, as well as scale theory to develop their soloing abilities.


Drama classes at the high school level focus on improvisation, radio drama, short two-person plays, and puppetry. The culminating project for the year will involve the students in a larger ensemble piece that will be performed for the students at Holy Cross elementary school.

Visual Arts

Students can begin honing their art skills in grade 7 & 8 and then move into Mr. Timpano’s specialized art classes in the high school years. Students work in all media forms including painting, murals, sketching, modelling. Students are introduced to the FLIP classroom concept in this class.

Instrumental Music

Students can begin taking instrumental music in grade 7 and continue their theory and performance practice up until grade 12. In our 7-8 music classes we offer many instruments including flute, clarinet, saxophones, trumpets, trombone, tuba, and drums/percussion. In our classes we also work on a variety of band music of different styles – classical, pop, rock, movie themes.

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