St. Benedict C.S.S.

Our School History

St. Benedict Catholic Secondary School opened in 1996. As it was a brand new school, we relied on the future Bears students to assist in designing uniforms and vote on the school’s mascot.

One of our first yearbooks includes a student account of the what the experience was like!

“As a grade eight student, I was very excited knowing that the following year I would be going to high school. One day a Principal came to speak to us in guidance class. She came from the new school that I had heard about. She talked to us about ideas and plans that had been made for the school. Most of all she told us that we would have the chance to give our input. It was a committee of grade eights who decided what our uniforms would look like. The students who applied to the new school got to vote on a mascot. Best of all, this school did not have traditions or reputation. It would be us, its first class creating all of this.”

St. Benedict was officially opened in February 1997 and welcomed 132 students and 12 staff members during its first year!

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