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At St. Benedict, we offer a vibrant co-curricular program. Our athletes and club members tend to lead our school in spirit, character, and attitude. Should a student experience academic difficulty, poor classroom attendance, or under the discretion of the office, the student may be withdrawn from the co-curricular program until there is significant improvement.

Students' Administrative Council (SAC)
The Student Council of St. Benedict CSS consists of an elected president and four other cabinet members, two staff moderators, and social conveners from each grade level. Meeting are held once a week to decide spirit days, school events, and projects that are to be run over the school year. It is an opportunity to communicate with other students and problem solve in a group setting. The Council offers exciting ways to be involved and make a difference in your school. If you want to have your voice heard and to represent the voice of others, the Student Council is right for you! 

Our cafeteria is open for Breakfast and Lunch every day.  Follow Chartwells for menu calendars and cafeteria information: @chartwellsontario (Instagram),
chartwellson (Snapchat), or @chartwellsontario (Twitter) 

Free Breakfast Program

Our Free Breakfast program is for all Students and is funded by Better Beginnings Better Futures and Breakfast Clubs Canada.  The program adheres to their nutritional guidelines.  Grades 7 & 8 eat in the Intermediate wing while grades 9-12 eat in the Foods Room.  Food provided includes toast, yogurt, fruit, cereal & milk,  breakfast bars and cheese. 

Travel Club

We give students the opportunity to experience the global classroom, as well as the cultures that our world has to offer.

Bears in Business

The 'Bears in Business' business club participates in a number of exciting initiatives and contests throughout the year.

Other Clubs
St. Benedict has a wide variety of non-athletic clubs.  Some of these clubs include Photography, Yearbook, Reach for the Top, Chess Tournament and Book Club.