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At St. Benedict, we offer a vibrant co-curricular program. Our athletes and club members tend to lead our school in spirit, character, and attitude. Should a student experience academic difficulty, poor classroom attendance, or under the discretion of the office, the student may be withdrawn from the co-curricular program until there is significant improvement.

Peace Posse

Peer Mediation empowers students to resolve conflicts peacefully and respectfully without teacher and/or administrative intervention.

Social Justice Action Council (SJAC)

The students who are members of the Social Justice Action Council (SJAC) are always looking for ways to help others who are in need in our school, in our community and in our world.

Students' Administrative Council (SAC)

Travel Club

We give students the opportunity to experience the global classroom, as well as the cultures that our world has to offer.

Bears in Business

The 'Bears in Business' business club participates in a number of exciting initiatives and contests throughout the year.

Wireless Access
The Sudbury Catholic District School Board’s Getting Connected Initiative has facilitated the implementation of wireless access into the St. Benedict building.