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Our complex social order has focused the attention of educators on the need for effective guidance programs in schools. Factors such as rapid technological, economical, and social changes underline the need for a balanced guidance program that will respond to the ever changing personal, social, educational, and career needs of all students.

The Guidance Program at St. Benedict CSS focuses on student orientation, education, and career planning, linkages with post-secondary institutions such as universities and community colleges, as well as apprenticeship and workplace initiatives. The monitoring of student progress, and the development of special programs such as peer tutoring and remediation programs for at-risk students are also key programs. Large and small group sessions in guidance related topics are integrated into the total school program. Individual counseling is available to students and parents who may have concerns about social, emotional, and educational development. Referrals to school resource personnel as well as community and social services are facilitated by the guidance counsellor. The Academic Services Department counselors help students plan ahead by providing:

individual counseling about courses, careers and personal matters, as well as interest and aptitude tests to assist students to discover their interests

printed information, including Guidance news about apprenticeship, colleges, universities, and workplace opportunities and computer services to assist students learn about careers

information about scholarships and financial aid for further education and help in finding jobs

referrals to School Board and community agencies for help with individual issues.

Although Guidance counsellors attempt to contact students every year with regard to future plans, students should request an interview at a time best for themselves rather than waiting to be contacted.