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St Benedict is proud of our Catholic faith and traditions. The Gospel values of Jesus Christ permeates every aspect of our daily school life including the curriculum, assessments, instructional approaches and teacher and student resources. In all we do, we strive to provide the best in education through teachings revealed by the Gospel. The Ontario Catholic Graduate Expectations are used in lesson planning in all subject areas.

See our School Prayer.


Catholic education views human life as an integration of body, mind, and spirit. Rooted in this vision, Catholic education fosters the search for knowledge as a lifelong spiritual and academic quest. The expectations of catholic school graduates, therefore, are described not only in terms of knowledge and skills, but in terms of values, attitudes, and actions. As a Christian Community, St. Benedict CSS is dedicated to its students in every aspect of their lives. The Chaplaincy Lead provides pastoral care to the St. Benedict community. The Chaplaincy Leadís office is located in the library. Read the most recent message from our Chaplaincy lead.


Celebrations of the Eucharist are available to all students and staff. School liturgies are celebrated at significant points during the academic year. All students, regardless of their faith background, must attend school liturgies and celebrations.


The chapel is located at the main entrance of the school. Mass is celebrated in the chapel for small groups and individual classes. The chapel is also used by students and staff as a quiet area to reflect and pray.


Religious Education is not meant to be found in the religion class alone. Our Catholic values permeate the school and touch the students in all their classes. Each subject is taught with these values in mind. Liturgical celebrations, retreats, and community service are all integral to life at St. Benedict CSS.

For this reason, religion courses are obligatory for students in grades 7 to 12. However, extenuating circumstances due to timetable scheduling could allow for exceptions.

The Religious Education program at St. Benedict CSS will present instructional material which:

1. focuses on the development of attitudes oriented toward the relationship between faith and human life;

2. provides an opportunity to experience authentic spiritual situations within a Christian community;

3. is sensitive to cultural, social, economical, and political problems of todayís committed Christian.


The Diocese of Sault Ste. Marie

Our Lady of Hope Parish

St. Patrick Church

Church of Christ the King

St. Pius & St. Stanislaus