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As part of the diploma requirements, students must complete a minimum of forty (40) hours of community involvement activities. These activities may be completed at anytime during their years beginning the summer between grade 8 and grade 9.

Community involvement activities may take place in a variety of settings, not-for-profit organizations, public sector institutions (including hospitals), and informal settings. Students may not fulfil the requirement through activities counted toward a credit (cooperative education and work experience, for example) through paid work, or by assuming duties normally performed by a paid employee.

The requirement is to be completed outside a studentís normal instruction hours - that is, the activities are to take place in student designated lunch hours, after school, on weekends, or during school holidays. Students are advised to consult the Sudbury Catholic District School Board Community Involvement Policy Guidelines provided.

Students are encouraged to check with the guidance counselor before completing any community service hours to be sure that they meet the requirements.

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