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“Deo Duce Quare Optima”
With God as Guide, We Seek the Best

At St. Benedict CSS you can expect:

• a safe learning environment
• academic excellence
• programs and services of the highest quality
• a community modeled on Christ’s teachings
• a Catholic tradition based on gospel values
• a caring, innovative, and involved staff
• to be treated as an individual
• to feel a sense of belonging and respect
• to be given responsibility
• to be treated fairly

In addition to these values, students at St. Benedict will embody the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations

Message from the Principal

St. Benedict Catholic Secondary School’s goal is to build a strong tradition of excellence in academic and extracurricular programs rooted in our Catholic faith.

I encourage all students to become involved in the Bear's community through our clubs, sports and activities. We offer many opportunities to be a part of our Christian faith community.

We strive to prepare our students beyond the world of high school. Whether you intend to pursue a post-secondary education or enter the workplace, rest assured that your experiences at St. Benedict will prepare you for the challenges that lie ahead.

Welcome to the Bears Den!

Laura Kuzenko,


At St. Benedict CSS, our vision is to build a solid foundation of excellence: spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical, and social, which will cultivate the growth of our students. We believe that to instill the capacity and motivation for life long learning, we must encourage each person, through a gradual process based upon individual growth and development, to accept responsibility for his or her own learning. This may be accomplished if we help the individual acquire the values, knowledge, and skills necessary to succeed in a more complex, interconnected world. The curriculum at St. Benedict will provide the individual with the perspective necessary to understand his/her relationship to God, community, country, and world, and how he or she can shape his/her own future.


St. Benedict CSS will provide a positive learning environment that will encourage academic excellence, creativity, and intellectual curiosity in harmony with each individual’s abilities and interests. We are committed to providing a Christian environment in which our students develop a sense of self-worth and self-discipline essential for personal growth. This commitment, involving all members of the St. Benedict community, recognizes that all students must be allowed to develop individual abilities to their fullest potential.